Objective Forensic Analysis

We provide truly objective forensic analysis to any party involved in a commercial vehicle crash or a forklift accident. Accidents covering loading and unloading issues are also addressed.Our expert's vast experience in the trucking industry allows us to provide analysis and investigation on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. We believe that a truly objective investigation does not depend on which side retains CVI.

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Defensive Driving

We assist trucking company employees and commercial drivers with respect to reducing accidents and achieving and maintaining full compliance with current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Defensive driving is a large part of training drivers and reducing crashes. Mr. Philbrick is a certified defensive driving instructor. This service is provided to trucking companies on an as-needed-basis through training and education.

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Proper heavy vehicle collision investigations should go far beyond looking at the individual driver. The trucking company and its policies are an integral part in the process of putting a safe vehicle and driver out on the road.

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Accident Investigation


We provide truly objective forensic analysis to any party involved in a commercial vehicle crash or a forklift accident.

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Trucking Services


We assist trucking employees and drivers in reducing accidents and achieving and full compliance with current FMCS Regulations

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Commercial Vehicle Investigations Inc.

Peter A Philbrick Sr. CDS, CDT

Commercial Vehicle Investigations Inc. strives to provide objective analysis of commercial vehicle and forklift accidents. Peter Philbrick has earned a reputation for providing expert analysis and opinion that is completely independent of which "side" of a dispute retains him.

In keeping with this philosophy, Mr. Philbrick will conduct an investigation and reach conclusions and opinions based solely upon that investigation and his knowledge, training and experience. His opinions and conclusions will not in any way be influenced or altered by the interests of the retaining client.

CVI's contract with the client shall expressly provide that the expert will render only objective analysis and opinions, that charges to the client will be based on an hourly fee, and that the client shall be contractually obligated to pay the same charge regardless of the expert’s conclusions or opinions.

Any request to modify an analysis, conclusion or opinion in any way will be considered a breach of contract with the client and will result in termination of that client’s contract with Commercial Vehilce Investigations Inc..

Strict adherence to this philosophy will allow CVI to maintain a level of credibility that will ultimately benefit the expert and his clients. Mr. Philbrick believes that credibility is the key to success.

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Services Offered

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  • 18 Wheeler Crash Expert Witness
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver Expert
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver Expert Witness
  • Commercial Vehicle Expert Witness
  • Expert Witness
  • FMCSR Expert
  • Forklift Operator and Training Expert
  • Loading and Unloading Expert
  • Motor Carrier Management Specialist or Expert
  • Tractor-Trailer Crash Expert
  • Tractor-Trailer Expert Witness
  • Tractor-Trailer Safety Expert
  • Truck Crash
  • Truck Crash Expert Witness
  • Truck Driving Expert
  • Truck Expert
  • Truck Expert Witness
  • Truck Safety Expert
  • Truck Wreck
  • Truck Wreck Expert Witness
  • Trucking Company Expert

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