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We provide truly objective forensic analysis to any party involved in a commercial vehicle crash or a forklift accident.

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Trucking Services


We assist trucking employees and drivers in reducing accidents and achieving and full compliance with current FMCS Regulations

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About Us

Peter A Philbrick Sr. CDS, CDT

Mr. Philbrick has been involved in the trucking industry for over 45 years. He has driven commercially for over 30 years and accomplished over three million accident free miles. In 1996 Mr. Philbrick was selected by the American Trucking Associations as a Captain of The America's Road Team and spent 18 months travelling the country speaking to the media, civic and industry groups about truck safety.

In 1997, Mr. Philbrick retired from active driving and embarked on a new career as a safety engineer and loss prevention specialist for John Deere Transportation Insurance; one of the country's largest truck insurers. He worked for John Deere until the insurance company was purchased and the safety department was downsized. During that employment Pete was recognized many times for his knowledge of the industry and his assistance to insured trucking companies.

Mr. Philbrick went on to manage the transportation division of a large restaurant food supplier in Florida. That employment covered all aspects of managing a large trucking operation including hiring and retaining drivers, DOT compliance and maintenance issues.

In 2001, Mr. Philbrick accepted a position with a company in Phoenix, AZ. providing accident investigation and litigation assistance for trucking companies, attorneys and insurance companies. He also provided safety consulting in all aspects of the trucking industry including Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, compliance, hours of service, training and safety program assistance.

In 2003 Mr. Philbrick had an opportunity to return to Florida to investigate commercial vehicle crashes, forklift accidents and provide safety consulting services to the trucking industry. Mr. Philbrick also taught safety classes at a local technical institute that trained new commercial drivers. He also was employed as a truck driver recruiter and safety trainer for a large national trucking company.

In 2007, Mr. Philbrick returned to Phoenix where he continues to provide accident investigation and litigation assistance to trucking companies, attorneys and insurance companies. He is an experienced testifier who has been recognized in state and federal courts across the country. He is retained by trucking companies, insurance companies and attorneys to investigate commercial vehicle crashes and render objective opinions. Mr. Philbrick still maintains a CDL license and drives a commercial vehicle while teaching defensive driving courses. Mr. Philbrick holds a Certified Director of Safety and a Certified Driver Trainer certificate.

Contact Us

Peter A Philbrick Sr. CDS, CDT
6443 Newman Circle W
Lakeland, FL 33811
O: (623) 258-5002
C :(602) 931-0067

Services Offered

If you are looking for:

  • 18 Wheeler Crash Expert Witness
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver Expert
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver Expert Witness
  • Commercial Vehicle Expert Witness
  • Expert Witness
  • FMCSR Expert
  • Forklift Operator and Training Expert
  • Loading and Unloading Expert
  • Motor Carrier Management Specialist or Expert
  • Tractor-Trailer Crash Expert
  • Tractor-Trailer Expert Witness
  • Tractor-Trailer Safety Expert
  • Truck Crash
  • Truck Crash Expert Witness
  • Truck Driving Expert
  • Truck Expert
  • Truck Expert Witness
  • Truck Safety Expert
  • Truck Wreck
  • Truck Wreck Expert Witness
  • Trucking Company Expert

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